ACM1252U-Z2 USB NFC module connected to a laptop

New compact USB NFC reader module for small spaces

The ACM1252U-Z2 OEM module is a mini USB contactless reader/writer that conforms to all of the important NFC standards and protocols and is widely supported by existing applications and operating systems thanks to its CCID compliant interface.

Supplied in a mountable PCB format complete with on-board antenna, it enables easy integration into other hardware, such as retail displays, screens, kiosks, handheld devices and robotics. The ACM1252U-Z2 can be used to add RFID and NFC functions to any computing device, and includes support for card read/write, card emulation and peer-to-peer communications modes. It can therefore be used for many applications, including the interaction with NFC tags and/or NFC-compliant phones, subject to the necessary software.

This mini NFC reader module belongs to a family of devices from ACS, including the desktop ACR1252U and the larger ACM1252U-Y3 module, which has a separate, detachable antenna. These are supported by comprehensive downloadable documentation and an optional software development kit containing further code samples and example applications. The device is also supported by Read-a-Card for Windows, software which can automate various functions including reading card and tag IDs, encoded NFC NDEF records and/or encoded MIFARE Classic, Ultralight and DESFire data.

Now available from the Smartcard Focus online store, the 52mm x 20mm module is also supported as an external CCID smartcard reader on Android devices that have USB OTG ports. It has a typical read range of up to 30mm, depending on the type of tag, and support ISO 14443 Type A and B, MIFARE Classic, FeliCa and all four types of ISO/IEC 18092 tags.

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