Wearable contact smartcard readers with Bluetooth connectivity

Turn existing corporate smart-cards into wearable wireless Bluetooth authenticators

Standard corporate contact smart-cards can now be used to securely authenticate user access simply by being near to a host workstation or mobile device.

The AirID 2 contact smart-card readers from certgate provide reliable seamless wireless connectivity through encrypted Bluetooth communication, and they’re small and light enough to be worn on a lanyard (standard sized cards) or attached to a key chain (SIM-cut cards).

Smart-card based security such as 2 factor authenticated logon, VPN access, email signing or data encryption, can now be done frictionlessly – without taking the card out of a bag or pocket, or off a lanyard. Also, auto-locking prevents unauthorised access when users wearing or carrying their card move a configurable pre-set distance away from any paired device.

  • The AirID 2 personal card reader houses standard sized smart-cards, and can be worn on a lanyard or clip, displaying the card’s printed features (such as photo ID) and does not impair any RFID or NFC communication capabilities the card may include.


  • The AirID2 Mini holds a SIM-sized smart-card in a compact key-fob sized form factor

The certgate AirID 2 readers can be used across multiple devices and applications, on Windows, Apple MacOS, iOS, Android or Linux. Bluetooth communication is secured by AES256 encryption, after initial pairing with each host device.

Smartcard Focus is the official distributor and an online reseller of AirID 2 products from certgate GmbH – a leading provider of secure mobile communication technologies for IT security applications.

For organisations that have yet to implement secure smart-card logon, the AirID 2 readers can be used together with the Smartcard Focus Smartcard Logon Proof of Concept Kit.

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