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Smartcard-based logon: minimal cost, modest effort, maximum security

It really doesn’t have to be costly or complicated to implement two factor smartcard authentication for your Microsoft-based corporate network, especially since this feature is built into Windows!

By using our proof of concept kit costing just £149 (or $199 in the USA) and with a few hours’ of set-up time, it’s surprisingly straightforward to get secure smartcard PKI-based user authentication up and running on your Windows server and domain.

Experienced technical support is on hand to help when needed, and other smartcard applications, including contactless/RFID door access, can be integrated into the same PoC deployment. Our standards-based PKI smartcards can hold multiple digital certificates, all protected by a PIN or password, so they can support secure email signing, intranet access and disk encryption, as well as being used for logon.

That might all sound too good to be true, but it really is that easy, and we have many happy customers to prove it!

As well as perceived cost and complexity, there are a number of other myths around implementing PKI and strong two factor authentication in an enterprise environment, so to help debunk the common misunderstandings and clarify what is actually required – take a look at our Myth-Busting Guide to Smartcard Logon.

We believe that the best approach to understanding how this technology fits within your organisation is to run a small proof of concept, rather than watching sales presentations or slick videos. That’s why we offer our customers a carefully assembled kit, and all the support to help them get going with a couple of users.

Our kit includes:

  • Some PKI-capable smartcards. If you want to try a combined technology card that also supports RFID applications, such as door access and document print-release, we can provide additional hybrid smartcards that support all these functions too.
  • Various card readers. We supply a mixture of desktop and portable USB devices, to suit different environmental and ergonomic needs. Try them out, and decide which you prefer.
  • Software tools and documentation. We provide the tools to enable card PINs/passcodes to be changed, certificates to be viewed and other basic tasks.
  • Free CMS system license. Thanks to a special arrangement with Versasec, a leading specialist software provider in this area, we can provide a hardware-secured and fully-functional 5 user evaluation license for their vSEC S-Series Card Management System. If you choose to use this CMS when rolling-out smartcards further, you just need to purchase the full system licence and the required number of user licences plus ongoing support.

Click here to view and buy the Smartcard Logon Proof of Concept Kit from Smartcard Focus for delivery world-wide.

Click here to view and buy the Smartcard Logon Proof of Concept Kit from Smartcard Focus USA.

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